Business Data

When your direct mail efforts need to deliver a significant return on investment, you can always count on Modern to give you access to the most comprehensive collection of U.S. business data available from one source, the infogroup.

Leaders in the field, infogroup uses a variety of sources to track down businesses your mailers are targeting, including: yellow pages, credit inquiries, Internet searches, business registrations, payment experiences, public records, Secretary of State files, credit inquiries and more. All records are then subject to rigorous verification checks* each year:

  • Over 2,000 computer validations to ensure the accuracy of data, including addressing, telephone connectivity or other data elements on record
  • Duplicate records eliminated using infogroup sophisticated matching techniques
  • Over 100 million phone calls per year to check and maintain the Masterfile
Insider Data. Exceptional Price.

Unlike traditional data providers, where you typically pay for each and every list selection, we prefer to keep it simple by bundling over a dozen demographic elements under the same price:

12 cents per name single-use {or} $125 minimum order
20 cents per name multi-use {or} $175 minimum order

Access the database, run counts and discover new list opportunities now!

Build a Business List

*The infogroup List is updated every 30-60 days and guaranteed to be at least 88% deliverable if mailed within 30 days of order.

I am emailing because I am ECSTATIC!!!! I would like to thank the graphic designer who worked on my card as well as the staff that turned it out in remarkable time. The card looks great. It exceeds my expectations. The little things the designer did in cropping, placement, etc. all stand out and make the card shine. I received my cards one day earlier than I was supposed to. When does that ever happen??? What a relief. I had a tough deadline and crazy circumstances. Thanks for pushing my order through and giving me such a great product. I am so pleased! Thanks again.
Michelle Jones
Hoosier Magnolia