Consumer Lists

Give your bottom line a boost by finding new prospects most likely to buy from you. It takes fresh names and addresses, along with the right mix of data: demographics, psychographics, behavioral and purchase information. While it may sound complicated, Modern’s in-house data experts are here to help.

The core Consumer List product we use, and make available to you, is Acxiom’s InfoBase-X File, one of the largest, most comprehensive collections of consumer data in the industry. This means you can reach over 200 million individuals nationwide. Best of all, this list is updated every 30-60 days and guaranteed to be at least 92% deliverable if you mail within 30 days of ordering.

With an InfoBase-X List, you can tap into current demographic and lifestyle information for over 95% of U.S. households. Sources of this data include:

  • County recorder data
  • County assessor data
  • Telephone directory information
  • Real estate transaction information
  • Warranty card registration information
  • Online & offline consumer survey information
  • Consumer purchase information
  • Other forms of public record

Invaluable Data. Exceptional Price.

Unlike traditional data providers, where you typically pay for each and every list selection, we prefer to keep it simple by bundling over a dozen demographic elements under the same price:

5 cents per name single-use {or} $125 minimum order
8 cents per name multi-use {or} $175 minimum order

Access the database, run counts and discover new list opportunities now!

Build a Consumer List

For more information, please see our webinar: The Dynamics of Consumer Data

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