When an image is out of proportion with the overall dimensions of a postcard, you can either crop your image or use a custom border.

If your image is in proportion to our postcard size you could draw a straight line through their corners and they would line up exactly. In the following example, the two rectangles are out of proportion with one another, therefore diagonals do not line up, so you will need to crop your image. Use the CROPPING TEMPLATE as an example.


OPTION 1: When considering a full bleed postcard, it will be necessary to crop part of your image.
Remember: there is a 1/16" trim on all four sides.


OPTION 2: To print your image full frame with nothing cropped off, you must create a custom border and window within the postcard layout. NOTICE Top/bottom and left/right borders are not even.


How To Use A Cropping Template

Download the Cropping Template as a PDF.

You will need Acrobat Reader to view/print this.

Place the cropping template in the BOTTOM LEFT corner (on your picture). Align the left and bottom edges to be flush with the box. For vertical images, rotate the box to read "Bottom Left (vertical image)". Where the diagonal dotted line intersects your image, draw a vertical and a horizontal line. This will indicate what part of the image will be cropped out. If your image needs cropping, please specify what you would like cropped out (e.g., "Top", "Top & Bottom", "Clock on Right", "Sidewalk at Bottom", etc.).



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