Is it Worth Adding Augmented Reality to Your Print Marketing?

Modern Postcard

It’s already been established that print marketing is more effective than digital when it comes to attention and recall—but what about a combination of the two? Until recently, the technology wasn’t able to blend the two worlds of direct marketing and digital together which is why the emergence of AR is so fascinating. Read on for a breakdown of the essential information you need to know.


The Kids Are Alright: Why Marketers Have Millennials All Wrong

Kevin Brewer, Director of Inside Sales, Modern Postcard

When the rock band The Who released the song “The Kids Are Alright” in 1966, it became an anthem for the band and an entire generation. For Millennials however, their anthem has been less than kind with lyrics lambasting them as a group of young people who rely heavily on their parents for financial support, are addicted to technology, and don’t pay attention to anything for more than a few seconds.


Hail to the King: Hierarchy in Direct Mail Design

Sven Johnson, Senior Graphic Designer, Modern Postcard

Some would have you believe that content is always king. In the case of direct mail marketing, they’d be wrong. For this medium, the hierarchy of your design is often more important because without it no one is going to read all that great content. Kings should always look their best.


USPS News: Pricing Changes for 2019 Take Effect January 27

Marc Ortiz, Mailing Operations Manager, Modern Postcard

Postal price changes are a regular, annual event, and since the Postal Regulatory Commission approved this year’s proposal from the U.S. Postal Service, they will be taking effect on January 27, 2019. We’ve covered the most essential information you need to know about as well as the best ways to get your costs as low as possible.


Not All Lifetime Value is Created Equal: A Lesson in Housefile Management

Travis Seaton, Vice President of Client Services, CohereOne

Lifetime value is a fairly easy metric to identify within any marketing database and can also be run as a “one off” report at any service bureau if the data is available. The basic premise of LTV is to identify the expected sales that a company should get in return over a period of time after a customer’s initial purchase. Most of the time we look at the 12-month value of a new customer and this time frame can usually be interchangeable with the term LTV.


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