August 2016

The Craftspeople of Modern Postcard

Alanna Vincent, Marketing Product Manager, Modern Postcard

It's an interesting parallel that San Diego is to craft beer as Modern Postcard is to craft marketing. While our direct mail solutions are not quite as tasty as local breweries’ hoppy concoctions, like them, we take great pride in what separates us from the competition: our in-house craftspeople put much thought, attention to detail and care into their respective trades.

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Choosing Color in Direct Mail Design: Orange Edition

Jessica Biondo, Marketing Communications Program Manager, Modern Postcard

When creating your direct marketing piece, headlines and body copy matter. However, the colors and imagery you choose matter even more, as prospects will subconsciously scan your piece right out of the mailbox in mere seconds. So, how do you visually get your message across when words may take too long? Here’s a look at the fascinating psychology behind color: orange edition.

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Ten Internet Marketing Ideas

Mac McIntosh

Not every business has the luxury of employing a full web team of strategists, designers and SEO gurus to keep online marketing efforts running efficiently. For small to mid-sized businesses, expert in B2B lead generation Mac McIntosh narrows down 10 quick and effective changes you can make today to improve the user experience of your website.

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Modern Postcard’s project submission and tracking tools, staff responsiveness and quality of the final product all exceeded our expectations. And the timeline was significantly shorter than if we had kept the project in-house.
Dilpreet Jammu
CEO, Convergent Communication Technologies